Rebecca Rocha- Director of Administration-

The Glades Golf & Country Club is pleased to make available information on Glades properties for sale and rental by owner. This is designed as a service to owners and interested parties but implies no warranty or endorsement from the Association

The Rental Packet presented to the Glades Administrative office must include:

  1. Rental Application Form, completed in full.
  2. Instructions, Signed.
  3. A Copy of your Lease Agreement ( signed by Owner and Tenant - the rental dates on the lease must coincide with the dates on the rental application).
  4. A check in U. S. funds to cover a filing fee of $100.00 per applicant - Non-Refundable - made payable to the Glades Golf & Country Club, Inc. (Immediate family who reside as a single housekeeping unit considered one applicant.


No unit may be leased for a term of less than thirty (30) consecutive days. No lease may be for a period of more than one (1) year. Annual tenants must register with the office upon lease renewal date; however no transfer fee will be required

Complete rental package should be received in the Glades Administrative office thirty (30) days in advance to allow for processing or at least 10 working days prior to proposed rental to ensure they are processed for their arrival.

Occupancy prior to approval is prohibited

  • Occupancy Regulations
  • One Bedroom Unit ~ No more than two (2) permanent occupants
  • Two Bedroom Unit ~ No more than four (4) permanent occupants
  • Three Bedroom Unit ~ No more than six (6) permanent occupants



Service animals shall be permitted in a rental unit to the extent allowed by applicable law. The tenant(s) shall submit within 30 days of the inception of the rental period along with the rental application a Medical Certification Form of Service or Emotional Support Animal -as provided by the Glades. completed by tenant's medical doctor which shall then be submitted for approval to the Glades Board of Directors and/or the Glades Sales/Rental Committee.

Vehicles may not exceed the following size:
Length: 251"
Width: 80.5"
Height: 78"

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